Out of Order
Written by: Ray Cooney
Directed: by Neroli Burton

Out of Order is a screwball comedy written by Ray Cooney that showcases the antics of a wild bevy of characters and an even wilder plot line. The story begins with a married Conservative Junior Minister, Richard Willey and his secretary Jane Worthington as they attempt a clandestine tryst in a posh London hotel. Upon discovery of a dead body hanging out of their window, Mr. Willey improvises a tangled web of outright hilarious lies to protect his political reputation and the secret of his adultery. As the evening progresses, the exploits become increasingly outrageous and the characters more complicatedly implicated, leaving the audience confused, exhausted, but still avidly entertained.

Auditions to be held at Marloo Theatre Saturday 18.3.17 from 1pm to 4pm

Please contact: Neroli on 0415 729 851 or nerolij@bigpond.com
to make an appointment or with any enquiries.
Show will run from Friday 30.6.17 to Saturday 15.7.17

Cast List:

Richard Willey                    A Suave and successful man and a Junior Minister in the                                                              Government of the day.
The Manager                      A Severe man
The Waiter                          A nimble and wily old servant
The Maid                             A plump Italian woman in her fifties
Jane Worthington              An attractive but dizzy young lady
A Body                                  A nondescript middle-aged man
George Pigden                    An upright pleasant man with a nervous disposition
Ronnie                                  An angry young man
Pamela                                 An attractive sophisticated woman in her forties
Gladys                                  A bossy but attractive woman in her forties.