24th Feb to 11th Mar 2017

by Deborah Mulhall

Damien runs a self-styled escort business for professional women. A Uni friend, Marcus, turns up and agrees to help Damian with his busy schedule. Marcus’s mother then becomes involved and his girlfriend, Isabella, becomes dissatisfied with their relationship. Then Damien realises he rather likes Marcus’s mother.  Then Isabella’s boss needs an escort and Marcus is the only one available … and it just gets worse!

Hayley Derwort – Director

Hayley has been a member of Marloo Theatre for the last four years and in that time she has tried it all. Her acting credits include Macbeth (Third Witch), Sex Toys (Trisha) and Prepare To Meet Thy Tomb (Drusilla). Her last show, After the Ball (2015) provided a new challenge as a director and she suspects she has found her niche. 
Finding a good Australian play comes with a unique set of challenges. Every time I decide I want to direct I relish the challenge of finding something new and something Australian. Finding this play was an absolute experience. The first time I read the script I knew I had to bring it to stage.  
Jake Dennis - Marcus

Jake Dennis is a singer who has performed cabaret shows at Downstairs at His Majesty’s Theatre, Rigby’s Bar, The Ellington, and the Don Russell, Kalamunda, Mandurah, and Subiaco Performing Arts Centres.

He has appeared on X Factor, The Couch, Telethon, and radio. Jake is also an internationally published poet, freelance journalist, quiz host, and corporate, wedding, private function, children's, and venue entertainer.
Brittany Isaia - Isabelle

Brittany has been involved in performing almost her entire life; dancing from age three and singing since she could talk. She was bitten by the acting bug in 2009 and has since been involved in countless productions. Most recently, Brittany starred as Lucy in You're a Good Man Charlie Brown for Garrick Theatre, Ariel in Footloose for Marloo Theatre and Skye in her original production Comatose that won her Best Actress, Best Original Script and Best Overall Production at the Hill's Festival in 2014. This is Brittany's fourth show with Marloo and she is looking forward to taking on the role of Isabelle alongside a fantastic cast and crew, and hopes everyone enjoys Gentleman Incorporated.
Owen Davies – Damien/George

Owen, a builder of sets, student of engineering, and lord of no less than two non-speaking roles, makes a triumphant step into the world of acting. To add further titles to his name and take his clothes off  in front of people, he has taken on the role of Damien in “Gentlemen Incorporated. Owen has been involved in community theatre mainly with building of sets, including Terry Pratchett’s “Wyrd Sisters” at Marloo Theatre in 2016. Owens other interests include long walks on the beach, drawn out jokes with poor punch lines and the ancient art of fruitloop stacking (his personal best being seven). His philosophy is that everything gets better with a beer. Or two.
Alyssa Burton - Marion

Alyssa has been involved in community theatre since 2010, making her debut in Jesus Christ Superstar. Since then, she has starred in various plays and musicals including Wicked  (Madame Morrible),  Snoopy(Peppermint Patty), After The Ball (Maureen), Cinderella (Fairy Godmother), High Fidelity (Charlie) and the 2014 Marloo One Act Season (Nerissa, Nurse Dracula). She is excited to be in a show where the men are the hookers for once
Marsha Alison - Elinor

After being inspired by performances at Perth's Blue Room Theatre, Marsha enrolled in acting studies at Ali Roberts Studio. Signed by Actors Management International soon after, Marsha is now excited to be making her theatrical debut in Gentlemen Incorporated. Of Anglo-Indian heritage, Marsha aims to continue exploring her love of theatre by expanding on her training, and making sure to throw herself in the deep end whenever possible. When not acting, Marsha can be found working as a librarian, raising her 7-year-old daughter, and convincing people that she really is 40 years old.