Based on Rudyard Kiplings book of the same name

This musical journey takes you into the fantasy realm of Rudyard Kipling as his beloved characters spring from the page to the stage in this musical romp through the jungles of India. Join the man-cub Mowgli on his journey to becoming a man as he faces off against the dreaded Tiger Shere Khan, advised by his noble and eccentric friends, Baloo and Bagheera and his wolf pack family. Be amazed by crazy monkey business, in awe of the giant python Kaa and learn with Mowgli about the Law of the Jungle. This fun filled comedy is sure to please audiences of the young and young at heart, but beware of the Tiger's Tirade!

Cast List 

Mowgli                                           Lukas Steinwandel
Bagheera                                     Suzy-June Wakeling
Baloo                                                          Ryan Perrin
Mother Wolf                                      Charlize Gosnell          
Father Wolf                                               Guy Jackson
Neela                                                         Tiana Aitken
Shere Khan                                                   Paul Reed
Tabaqui                                                 Benedict Chau
Messua                                           Georgia Unsworth
Baby Mowgli/Wolf Cub                  Felix Steinwandel
Young Mowgli/Village Boy               Jack Churchman 
Kaa                                           Suzannah Churchman
                                                            Michaela Tholen
Monkey 1                                               Taya Cicanese
Monkey 2                                                      Lilly Miller
Monkey 3                                               Tahli Redgwell
Monkey Chorus                                          Kaitlin Barr
                                                            Kaitlyn Saunders
                                                               Niamh O'Hehir
                                               Hana Sakane-McLelland
Wolf Cub 1                                     Levi Jackson-Guest
Wolf Cub 2                                      Daisy Churchman
Wolf Cub 3                                                  Liam Miller
Akela/Village Guard                              Gloster Guest
Wolf 1/Buldeo                                        David Semen 
Wolf 2/Village Beggar                             Clare Smale
Wolf 3/Village Boy                                 Joshua White
Wolf 4/ Village Girl                                Molly O’Hehir
Wolf Chorus/Village Guard           Thomas Outridge
Wolf Chorus/Villager                              Lily Valverde     
Village Woman                                     Belinda Beatty
Village Woman 1                                      Gillian Clark
Village Woman 2                                  Suzanna Matla
Villager                                                       Sarah White
Villager                                                         Julie Payne         
Production Team 

Director                                               Shelly Miller
Assistant Director                               Luke Miller
Musical Director                          Kiran Podmore
Choreographer                                 Rachel Vonk
Costume Design                        Marjorie Decoux  
Set Design                                         Owen Davies
Lighting Design                                   Shelly Miller
Lighting Operation                              Jeremy Salt
Sound Operation                                             TBA        
Stage Manager                                                 TBA