Join the Marloo Family: Become a Member of the Darlington Theatre Players Inc.

Immerse yourself in the vibrant community of the Darlington Theatre Players, where every individual’s passion for theatre is cherished and nurtured. As part of our Marloo Family, you’ll be at the heart of a creative and inclusive environment that brings together a diverse group of theatre enthusiasts.

Membership Perks:

  • Show Discounts: Enjoy our captivating productions at member-exclusive prices.
  • Learning Opportunities: Whether on stage or behind the scenes, develop your skills in various aspects of theatre production.
  • Community Involvement: Full members have a significant role in shaping our theatre’s future, with voting rights at our General and Annual General Meetings.
  • Exclusive Member Events: Stay engaged and connected with our newsletter (Marloovian) and special events, enriching your theatre experience.
  • Recognition and Awards: Be eligible for annual awards that celebrate exceptional contributions to our theatre.
  • Insurance Benefits: Participate with confidence, knowing you’re covered by our volunteer insurance.

Membership Duration:

  • Memberships align with our theatre season, expiring at the Annual General Meeting in March each year. If purchasing a membership in January/February or for participation in Season 1 your membership is automatically extended to cover the calendar year.

Membership Types:

  • Full Membership: A fully engaged role, with the privilege of influencing the direction of our theatre through voting.
  • Associate Membership: All the advantages of full membership, without the voting rights.
  • Single ($20), Concession ($16): Individual memberships, available in both Full and Associate options.
  • Family Membership ($30): Ideal for households, covering up to two adults (18 and older) and any juniors (17 and younger) living in the same household. Available in both Full and Associate options.
  • Junior Membership ($16): Designed for young theatre enthusiasts, 17 years old and younger, offering the full spectrum of benefits except voting rights.

Join the Darlington Theatre Players Inc. and become an integral part of a community that lives and breathes theatre. Whether you’re a first-time performer or a seasoned backstage professional, your role in the Marloo Family is invaluable.

We invite you to join our theatre family. The Darlington Theatre Players Inc. is a place where your enthusiasm for theatre will find a welcoming home, where friendships are formed, and where every member contributes to the magic of our shared passion.