A participant is any member of the Darlington Theatre Players Inc. Club, or a participant in any show or in any other volunteer capacity in any activity that has been endorsed by the Executive Committee and its sub-committees.

The ‘Club’ is the Darlington Theatre Players Inc. and its nominated representatives.

This Code of Conduct includes, but is not limited to the following:
  • Members of the Executive Committee
  • Members of sub-committees (Production or Publicity or any other sub-committees)
  • Marloo Youth Theatre Leaders
  • Director
  • Production Team Member (typically Designers, Choreographers, Musical Directors)
  • Cast
  • Crew
  • Band members
  • Costume and Wardrobe volunteers
  • Set and construction volunteers
  • Volunteer Photographers
  • Front of House volunteers including bar and ticketing
  • Cleaners
  • Building and Maintenance volunteers

The purpose of this code of conduct is for all signatories to provide the best possible rehearsal and performance environment for all cast, crew, creatives, and other volunteers working at Marloo theatre (and any other known Club venue); one that is based on goodwill and respect and that is a safe space for all involved.

Failure to comply with this Code of Conduct could result in the cancellation of the participants’ Membership, removal from a production or other volunteer capacity, and, if deemed necessary, legal action.

Code of Conduct

As a Participant of Darlington Theatre Players, I agree that I will abide by the following:

  1. Conduct myself in a safe and caring manner, showing respect and dignity to all other Club members and participants, irrespective of theatrical hierarchy.
  2. Bullying and harassment (as defined in the Safe Theatres Policy, section 2.0) is strictly forbidden and unlawful and may render the individual personally liable for legal action or even criminal proceedings.
  3. No smoking on the premises.
  4. The consumption of alcohol is only permitted in licensed areas during allocated times.
  5. The consumption of food in the auditorium is to be discouraged. Food should be consumed in permitted areas such as the Green Room and the kitchen and appropriate areas backstage.
  6. Keep dressing rooms, kitchen, and Green Room areas tidy. Dishes must be washed and put away, surfaces wiped down regularly and walkways kept clear at all times.
  7. Use only my designated change rooms/areas as outlined by the Stage Manager or Wardrobe Manager.
  8. Report any breakages or any other noted issues pertaining to Occupational Safety and Health to the Stage Manager (or PLO during rehearsals) as soon as possible. The Stage Manager or PLO will report and record the concern.
  9. Use of Photographs and Videos:
    Taking photographs and videos should only be done so with explicit permission by those participants 18 years and older. (Parent/guardian consent is required by participants under 18 years).
  10. The use of photographs or videos of the production (ie, in costume or the set design etc) on social media, or any other online platform, should only be done so with permission from the Director and/or Public Relations Manager.
  11. Follow all reasonable instructions given by the Executive Committee, it’s sub-committees, Directors and Stage Managers.
  12. including:

    • Following security guidelines, including keeping the ‘bottom door’ locked whilst in the venue.
    • Following fire safety and evacuation instructions. Following Occupational Safety and Health instructions.
    • Being familiar with, and adhering to the Darlington Theatre Players’ Safe Theatres Policy.
    • Following the “Intimacy Guidelines” (as outlined on the Marloo Theatre Website) where applicable.
  13. Become a member of the Darlington Theatre Players.
  14. In the event of financial hardship, please speak to the club President, show Director or Production Manager.

  15. Seek to resolve any issues that arise. Communication is key to a safe, caring and supportive environment and it is best to talk to, and communicate with, the relevant Darlington Theatre Player Member if there is an issue that needs to be addressed.
  16. Report any breaches in the Code of Conduct to the relevant Nominated Club Representative (that they feel they can approach): These people are:
    • Production Liaison Officer (PLO)
    • Cast Welfare Officer (if applicable)
    • Production Team Member
    • Director
    • Production Manager
    • Executive Committee Member
    • Darlington Theatre Players Vice President or President


    If the complainant/reporter feels that their issue has not been or cannot be appropriately addressed or resolved by the above Club representatives, or where a crime has been committed, they are encouraged to contact:

    • The Independent Theatre Association of Western Australia
    • Police/relevant authorities.

If a complaint or concern needs to be addressed, please see the Member Grievance and Dispute Resolution Guidelines.

A copy is also available in the Theatre Green Room