1916 A Love Story

1916 A Love Story

11 November - 8 December 2018

John Beaton

Directed by: Neroli Sweetman

October 1916 in Glen Forrest and Midland Railway Workshops in Western Australia – the final month of the Australian referendum on Conscription. Should Australian men be made to go to war or should they be volunteers? A question that bitterly divides families, organisations and finally the whole country. But people still fell in love, went to work, worried about their sons, brothers and husbands overseas, organised fetes and dressed up to go to the moving pictures in Midland. Meanwhile, the great Adventure of World War 1 continued in Europe and the numbers of dead, injured and missing grew day by day”.
RoleCast Member
Charlie JamesDaniel Minutillo
Julia JamesMichelle Ezzy
Robert JamesGuy Jackson
Rose JamesMatilda Jenkins
Harry JamesKody Fellows
Dorothy NyeJenny Trestrail
Joe O'ConnorAlan Gill
Mary O'ConnorSophie Byrnes
Paddy O'ConnorJack Martin
Rev William MeadeBrendan Tobin
ChorusAdrian Ashman
ChorusBelinda Beatty
ChorusAmanda Minutillo
ChorusDavid Zuiddam
Speaker/ChorusDominic Masterton
ChorusEvie Madeleine
ChorusGloster Guest
ChorusJoshua White
Speaker/ChorusLuke Miller
ChorusRachel Vonk
ChorusRuby Oliver
Speaker/ChorusRussell Fellows
ChorusSuzanna Matla-Ienco
ChorusSuzy June Wakeling
Speaker/ChorusTim Bolton
ChorusTracey Morrison

No Musician's listed for this production.