Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland

28 February - 14 March 2020

Adapted by Mike Carter

Directed by: Rachel Vonk


Alice in Wonderland is a much loved and well-known story written in 1865 by Lewis Carroll. Darlington Theatre Players at the Marloo Theatre are pleased to bring this ‘wonderfabulotious’ tale to the stage from February 28 to March 14 2020.

This adaptation draws out all the humour and magic of the original story and creates an exciting and challenging musical with plenty of audience interaction.

Directed by Rachel Vonk this fun-filled story is coming to life with a substantial cast of 30, with over half of the actors being under 18.

Alice (Daisy Churchman) is drawn into a wondrous world where nothing really makes sense. In Wonderland Alice bumps into The White Rabbit (Kate Temme) who is running late for a date with The Dutches (Rebecca McRae), Now lost in Wonderland Alice meets a host of very unusual people and animals. How did she get here, and can she find her way home?

This show is a musical pantomime suitable for the entire family.

RoleCast Member
AliceDaisy Churchman
The White RabbitKate Temme
The French MouseSophie Hennighan
The DodoKatelyn Barr
The DuckSophie David
The DucklingTahli Redgwell
EagletLily Churchman
The CaterpillarNiamh O’Hehir
The Fish FootmanDean O’Hehir
The Frog FootmanJenn Hurley-Green
The CookMegan West
The DuchessRebecca McRae
The Cheshire CatSaoirse Gerrish
The Mad HatterSean Wcislo
The March HareChris McRae
The DormouseJemima Lee
Ace of HeartsOscar Uetake
2 of HeartsLilly Miller
3 of HeartsTalia Barley
4 of HeartsCaitlyn Moloney
5 of HeartsEvie Madelaine
The Queen of HeartsTracey Morrison
The King of HeartsJackson Lucas
Knave of HeartsGuy Jackson
TweedledumJack Churchman
TweedledeeDavid Bell
The GryphonMichael Moshos
The Mock TurtleKika van Wilde
EnsembleBelinda Beatty
EnsembleLocklen Falkingham

No Musician's listed for this production.