Beyond Harrington

Beyond Harrington

19 February - 8 March 1997

Bill Higgins

Directed by: Donna Williams

As a result of their grandmother’s death, sisters Rebecca and Dee are reunited after Dee’s 10 year absence abroad. They reminisce on their boarding school days, and through a series of flashbacks we meet the girls as teenagers, along with family members (brother Callan, Gran, Mum and Dad) and college friends. We learn how their lives have changed.
RoleCast Member
Rebecca (business executive)Fi Livings
Dee (successful model)Kylie Landwehr
Rebecca (age 16)Rayann Condy
Dee (age 15)Claire Warner
Callan (age 17 and aged)Jarrad West
Susan (student)Rebecca Forrest
Brendon (student)Tom Perry
Frank (Dad)Colin Hughes
Carol (Mum)Barbara Hughes
Ethel (Gran/ Frank's mother)Margaret Smith
ensembleKate Brown
ensembleKatie Coleman
ensembleSimon O’Neal
ensembleNadia Levy
ensembleKaty Warner
ensembleClinton Green
ensembleAdam Barralet
ensembleMelissa Watson
ensembleRichard Lowenhoff
Ethel (Gran/ Frank's mother)Margaret Smith
ensembleTammara Dawson
ensembleDavid Perry

No Musician's listed for this production.