Calamity Jane

Calamity Jane

7 July - 31 July 1999

Charles K Freeman (adapted by Ronald Hammer & Phil Park) after the film written by James O'Hanlon

Directed by: Pamela Sistrunk

RoleCast Member
Calamity JaneShannon Ring
Wild Bill HickockDaniel Mitton
Lt.Danny Gilmartinen (Understudy Wild Bill)Jon Lloyd
Katie BrownTiffany Carter
Adelaide AdamsIrene Leaney
Francis FryerJeff Watkins
Henry MillerMike Abbott
Susan (Henry's neice)Melissa Lee
RattlesnakeNick Christo Doulis
Joe bartender)Clifton Carter
Doc Pierce (local doctor & card sharp)Joel Roberts
Hank (scout)Dowal Hall
Pete (scout)Al Wall
Chikeeta (bargirl)/ understudy Calamity JaneRenee Paparone
Belle (bargirl)/ understudy Katie BrownJoanna Hogg
Text (cowboy)/ understudy Lt.Danny GilmertinenLuke Miller
The Sheriff/ understudy Francis FryerGreg Townsend
Cowboy/Indian/StageDoorJohnnie/ColonelDavid Zuiddam
Jake (cowboy)Ross Mitten
Bo (cowboy)John Hall
Charlie (cowboy)Paul Abbott
Woodrow (cowboy)/ Officer (from Fort Scully)John Sistrunk
Soldier/Cowboy/StageDoorJohnnieSebastian Levy
Cowboy/StageDoorJohnnieSteven Sowden
Miss Ceily (young lady of Deadwood)Cindy Moiler
Mrs Roper (lady of Deadwood)Denise Ling
Clementine Augustus (widow from Okalala)June Howell
Mrs Beauregard Jackson (lady of Deadwood)Carol Hall
Mollie (bargirl)Kristen Risbey
Miss Holly (young lady)/ CanCan DancerBreanne Jowett
Lolita (bargirl)/ CanCan DancerKirsten Livie
Scarlett (bargirl)/ CanCan DancerMichelle Marotta
Lucille (bargirl)/ CanCan DancerRosemary Crompton
Sanlita (bargirl)/ CanCan DancerTeresa Romeo
Susan (Henry's neice)Melissa Lee

No Musician's listed for this production.