11 February - 26 February 2022

Written by Eleanor Mallinson

Directed by: Taneal Thompson

by arrangement with Scripts for Stage, on behalf of Eleanor Mallinson.
Jamie loves to write stories, but most of all for his best friend Megan. Through tales of Medieval Knights, Wild West cowboys, Superhero tales and even a silent movie, Jamie discovers the true meaning of being a hero and how brave Megan really is. This is the first full-length production to be brought to the stage by the Marloo Youth Theatre Team.
RoleCast Member
JamieKeaton Humphreys
MeganLilly Miller
Mum & PolicemenSarah Zuiddam
Teacher & MargieJade Netherway
Doctor HarrisDean O’Hehir
Count Rupert, Cheetah & BuckHarley Miletic
William & Blackhat BobTyler Ward
Maria, Police Chief & Casey JoChloe van der Beeke
Sir Leofrick GallantlyBeau van der Beeke
Princess MaerwynnMaddie Lyons
Kalinya the WitchZoë Carr
Squire Cassius & LukeTory Hounsham
Joaquin the bard & Doctor NotoriousFelix Steinwandel
QueenMia Carpenter
Woman of the Well & WinstonIngrid Petersohn
GoblinRhona Hough
GoblinAustin Greene
NellyRose O’Brien
Lucy, Damsel/SarahEllie Jones
SnakebreathHolly O’Brien
DiggerHannah Swadling
BarmanJay Thompson
NinaMaddi Lyons
Louella & Laney LewisMaya Boeser
Captain Awesome & PolicemenLevi Guest
The Cobweb KidWilliam Swadling
Farah FataleGeorgia Stidwell
Hero/AngelaSienna Stidwell
Villain/PaulZac Moloney
Police CaptainJonathan Bigelow
PolicemenCaitlyn Moloney

No Musician's listed for this production.