Much Ado About Nothing

Much Ado About Nothing

7 July - 23 July 2023

Written by William Shakespeare

Directed by: Siobhan Vincent

Count Claudio falls in love with Hero, the daughter of his host. Hero’s cousin Beatrice (a confirmed spinster) and Benedict (an eternal bachelor) are each duped into believing the other is in love with them. Claudio is deceived by a malicious plot and denounces Hero as unchaste before they marry. She faints and is believed dead, but recovers to be proved innocent by a chance discovery. Benedict wins Beatrice’s love defending her cousin’s honour, and to his surprise, Claudio is reunited with Hero, who he believed dead.
RoleCast Member
BeatriceJenny Howard
BenedictAndrew Govey
Don PedroJeff Watkins
Don JohnShivas Lindsay
LeonatoMark Dyer
AntoniaJulie Holmshaw
ClaudioThomas McCracken
HeroRebecca Haywood
MargaretLauren Buckels
UrsulaKris Lockwood
BorachioRob McConnell
ConradeJack Riches
Friar, SextonGavin Crane
DogberryTimothy Vincent
VergesMichael Hart
Balthasar, Watchman & PeasantChantelle Pitt
Watchman & PeasantAdrian Ashman
Watchman Peasant, Boy & MessengerGeorgia Stidwell

No Musician's listed for this production.