No Dying in the House

No Dying in the House

2 September - 10 September 2022

Written by Sean Wcislo

Directed by: Sean Wcislo

Gina has an arrow through her heart, and should be dead. Luckily she isn’t, thanks to the one house rule: “no dying”. As long as she doesn’t leave her home, she’s more than capable of staying alive. The other people in that life, however, don’t – or won’t – fully understand her situation, and their attempts to ‘help’ her out of the house come to prove more frustrating to suffer through than the literal arrow through her torso. An analogy for living with disability, this show aims to be a slightly-less-than-subtle jab at anyone who thinks they know better than the ones living through it – to all but hit them over the head with just how ridiculous they can be.
RoleCast Member
GinaPeri Watson
JoyceClare Alason
AdrianChris McRae
Dr MorrisGuy Jackson
RoleCrew Members
DirectorSean Wcislo
Musical DirectorKieran Ridgway
Stage ManagerNatalia Myślińska
Sound OperatorKieran Ridgway
Lighting DesignBailey Fellows
Set ConstructionSteve Moloney, Zac Moloney

No Musician's listed for this production.