One Lane Bridge (One-Act)

One Lane Bridge (One-Act)

8 September - 16 September 2023

Written by Steven Gregg

Directed by: AJ Giltrow

Genre: Thriller Play Synopsis: A snowy night. A drive through a mountain canyon. “Nothing bad happens if I’m late” thinks 16-year-old Eli as he creeps along this winding road. He doesn’t know anything about his soon-to-be passenger, Samantha, except that she’s a friend of a friend and needs a ride to Home Depot. But Eli is glad for the company, especially considering the stuff that’s been going on in his town. Soon, though, Eli’s terrible driving sparks an argument, and the conversation takes an odd, dark turn. Eli and Samantha tell stories designed to scare each other. Eli’s story is haunting, but he’s out of his league. Once Samantha tells her story, Eli finds himself driving too fast, not because he’s going to be late, but because he wants out of that car. Eli’s not going to make it to Home Depot.
RoleCast Member
EliKeaton Humphreys
SamanthaJessica Wilkins
Hayden/NarratorSean Wcislo
Cora/NarratorPeri Watson
Ezra/NarratorBeau van der Beeke
RoleCrew Members
DirectorAJ Giltrow
Assistant DirectorEllien Warden
Stage ManagerBelinda Beatty

No Musician's listed for this production.