Robin Hood – a Pantomime

Robin Hood – a Pantomime

26 February - 20 March 2021

Tracy Rogers

Directed by: Guy Jackson

An extremely funny version of the traditional story of Robin Hood and his merry men. All the usual characters are there including the evil Sheriff of Nottingham and Guy of Gisborne, assisted by the hapless Normans – Norman Smith and Norman Jones. The beautiful Maid Marion is supported by her lady in waiting Bess Before who is a traditional pantomime dame. Magic is provided by the Lady of the Wood and the witches Hubble, Bubble and Trouble.
RoleCast Member
Robin HoodLuke Osborne
Maid MarionOlivia Fellows
bess BefoeRyan Perrin
Sherriff of NottinghamChris McRae
Guy of GisbourneAaron Lucas
Prince JohnJackson Lucas
Norman SmithSuzy June Wakeling
Norman JonesChloe van der Beeke
Lady of SherwoodSophie David
King RichardSteve Moloney
Friar TuckPeter Cross
Little JohnOscar Uetake
Alan A'DaleRobin Hood – a Pantomime
will scarlettLuke Miller
MuchRob McConnell
SquireKody Fellows
HubbleVictoria Abbott
BubbleShelly Miller
TroubleBelinda Beatty
Arthur the ArcherDavid Bell
Sir Stephen SureshotLocklen Falkingham
Royal TrumpeterKeaton Humphreys
Court JesterHarrison Ricci
Villager chorusAmanda Moloney
Villager chorusBarbara Lovell
Villager chorusFelix Steinwandel
Villager chorusMia Fellows
Villager chorusRhona Hough
Villager chorusZac Moloney
Dance chorusAva Carbery
Dance chorusCaitlyn Moloney
Dance chorusNatalia Smith
Dance chorusLilly Miller
Dance chorusPeyton Lawrence
Dance chorusRenae Hoskins
Dance chorusHarrison Ricci
Dance chorusSage Lockyer
Dance chorusSophie Hennighan

No Musician's listed for this production.