The Anniversary

The Anniversary

27 April - 19 May 2018

Bill Macilwraith

Directed by: Rob Warner

This comedy is set in South London in 1966. Tom brings his pregnant fiancee Shirley home for the annual wedding-anniversary ritual orchestrated by his widowed, scalpel-tongued, deviously possessive mother. Of Tom’s brothers and co-workers in the (shoddy) family building business, Terry is a weakling, trying to get up the nerve to announce his imminent emigration to Canada just to get away from Mum, and Henry is a considerate, gentle man who has his own secret.
RoleCrew Members
DirectorRob Warner
Assistant DirectorBrendan Tobin
Set DesignGeorge Boyd
WardrobeShelly Miller
Lighting DesignMichael Hart
Lighting OperatorBrendan Tobin
PropertiesLesley Sutton
SoundGeorge Boyd
Stage ManagerRob Warner
Stage HandLesley Sutton
Front of HouseJacqui Ashman
Bar ManagerJohn Hall, Carol Hall
BookingsGwyne Marshall
PublicityGuy Jackson, Chris Thomas
Set ConstructionGeorge Boyd, Brendan Tobin, Rob Warner, Michael Hart, Ray Egan, Benedict Chau, Luke Miller, Jacqui Warner, Lesley Sutton

No Musician's listed for this production.