The Mystery at Dunbar Mansion

The Mystery at Dunbar Mansion

1 September - 9 September 2017

Joe Thompson

Directed by: Rachel Vonk

The guests at the Dunbar Mansion were nervous. It wasn’t the fact that a savage storm had taken their lights and they had to do with old candelabras. Nor was it the fact that there were strange noises in the very walls of the mansion.  No, it was the presence in the mansion of Inspector Wallingford. For wherever he stayed there seemed to be an outbreak of that most hideous of social misconduct: murder.
RoleCast Member
NarratorTabitha Holt
InspectorNoah Watkins
MaidSophie David
YvonneSkylar Hounsham
FishermanLucy Coates
GrannyCharlotte McCullen
BodyChelsey Ward
RoleCrew Members
DirectorRachel Vonk
Stage ManagerBelinda Beatty
PropertiesLesley Sutton
LightingMichael Hart
SoundGuy Jackson, Rachel Vonk
WardrobeMarjorie DeCaux

No Musician's listed for this production.