Through These Lines

Through These Lines

28 April - 13 May 2023

Written by Cheryl Ward

Directed by: Michelle Ezzy

Produced by arrangement with Cheryl Ward
From Gallipoli to the Western Front – Australia’s trained nurses were there. Follow Sister Florence Whiting on her 4 year journey, from departure on the troopship Kyarra to tours of duty in Egypt, Lemnos and France.

 Flo and her fellow nursing sisters are outnumbered and out of their element, their skill dismissed by senior officers. Against a backdrop of lantern-lit wards, bright Mediterranean skies and busy, muddy fields, we see Flo fight to find her place.

Based on meticulous research, Through These Lines is an honest account of women in war. There is humour, anger, hope, sadness and frustration. But most of all there is courage – Flo sees her task through to the end.
RoleCast Member
Actor One / Sister Florence Whiting (Flo)Hetty Lobegeiger
Actor Two / Sister Mary Dougles, Staff Nurse April Guilford, Matron Simcox, Matron Katherine HallJoanna Tyler
Actor Three / Matron Ada Watson, Sister Hilda Smith, Sister Eunice LaffinAmanda Moloney
Actor Four / Private Stanley Skinner, Captain Charles McLean, VD patient, Major James Forrest, Capitaine Joseph Cagnet, English patient, Colonel Arthur Frances, Mr Neville Whiting, Major Wallace Leonard, Colonel Edward Terrey, American soldierAlan Gill
Actor Five / Private Harold Jenkins, Private William Corkhill, Orderly Barrie, Munir Onbaşı, Patients, Orderly, Lieutenant Archibald Barnes, New Zealander patient, Batman to Colonel Frances, Wimereux orderly, Canadian officer, Sergeant Little, American soldierChristopher Steicke
Actor Six / Lieutenant William Davies, Patients, OrderlySam Barnett
TromboneKrispin Maesalu
CelloAmanda Reynolds
PianoKieran Ridgway
TrumpetCharlie Teakle
Double BassMeg Vicensoni