Too Many Daughters (One-Act)

Too Many Daughters (One-Act)

8 September - 16 September 2023

Written by Claire Epstein

Directed by: Taneal Thompson

Genre: Period Comedy
Play Synopsis: In this Jane Austen parody, the Ashworth daughters (of which there are twelve – or is it thirteen?) struggle to find suitors that will meet their mother’s high standard. Her standard, of course, being that they must be filthy rich. Their task is made all the more difficult because their choices are so limited, due to the high number of potential suitors who have been killed when their horses fell on top of them. In the meantime, they must fend off unwanted proposals, snooty cousins, and the dreaded Dowager Countess.
RoleCast Member
Florence AshworthRebecca McRae
Nicolas AshworthPaul Cook
Henrietta AshworthEvie Madeleine
Imogen AshworthChloe Wiggers
Cordelia AshworthBrianna Thompson
Felicity AshworthMeg McKenzie
Alastair BlackwoodGavin Crane
Gwendolyn BlackwoodSophie David
Cecil ThorburnKieran Ridgway
Lady ThorburnCandice Preston
Peter BillingsbyChris McRae
ServantTim Jagot
Anne AshworthGeorgia Stidwell
Charlotte AshworthSienna Stidwell
Margaret AshworthOlivia Keary
RoleCrew Members
DirectorTaneal Thompson
Stage ManagerBelinda Beatty

No Musician's listed for this production.