Welcome to Nosedive Airlines

Welcome to Nosedive Airlines

31 August - 9 September 2018

Bill Condon

Directed by: Luke Miller

RoleCast Member
RoverAngus Whiteley
Cassie PanicCaitlyn Moloney
Lucky McStrangeEdwin Uhlenberg
RufusFelix Steinwandel
Pamela ThrowupHana McClelland
CookHolly Harben
Lizzie TizzieJezemae Moyses
Tyrone TrembleteethJordan Curry
Wally WetpantsJoshua White
Ciral SquealingtonKatelyn Barr
Captain Fuzzy VisionKody Fellows
Knobby Knock KneesLevi Jackson-Guest
Suzie DisasterLilly Miller
Felicity NailnasherNiamh O’Hehir
Maude BoredSarah Zuiddam
Gertie FearfulTaya Cicanese
Claude BoredThomas Whiteley
RoleCrew Members
DirectorLuke Miller
Stage ManagerBelinda Beatty
PropertiesLesley Sutton
Lighting DesignShelly Miller
Lighting OperatorLachlan Kessey, Jeremy Salt
SoundGuy Jackson
Sound AssistantTimothy Zuiddam
WardrobeMarjorie DeCaux

No Musician's listed for this production.