Wickie on the Wind (One-Act)

Wickie on the Wind (One-Act)

8 September - 16 September 2023

Written by Chris McRae

Directed by: Chris McRae

Genre: Historical Drama
Play Synopsis: Point King Lighthouse, located on the north shore entrance to Princess Royal Harbour, was the first navigational light for the port of Albany and the second lighthouse built on Western Australia’s coastline. John Reddin was the last lighthouse keeper at Point King. The lighthouse and the keeper’s cottage now stand as ruins. However, on a stormy night in the 1980’s, Jennifer King and her family found themselves in distress coming into the Port of Albany from Hamelin Bay. As the wind and waves threatened to overwhelm their vessel, a figure resembling John Reddin appeared. A guide. A wickie on the wind. A historical ghost story full of mystery, intrigue and based on true events. This chilling tale will leave you wondering….do ghosts really exist.
RoleCast Member
John ReddinGrant Malcolm
Jennifer SmithAlexandra D’Ulisse
Elsie ReddinHarper Ranger
RoleCrew Members
DirectorChris McRae
Stage ManagerBelinda Beatty

No Musician's listed for this production.